Tomb of Sargeras YouTube Thumbnails – VII

YouTube Channel Art

Project Description

Tomb of Sargeras YouTube Thumbnails for VII

The YouTube thumbnail is always an interesting design to work on.

The intricacy lies in the fact that it has to be both visually attractive,  but for the most part, the most important aspect is it’s clickability.

These two concepts are often at war with each other. Making something ‘click-baity’ is what often sounds the death knell in a designers heart, as we have to throw pretty out the window and focus on getting the message across, which ultimately is always ‘click me, to see this thing’.

These are a series of Thumbnails designed for VII, a World of Warcraft mythic raiding guild on Emerald Dream (EU).

Original character design by Blizzard Entertainment

Project Details

Client VII

Date June 2017

Skills Graphic Design, Image Manipulation