YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Art that will make your channel look professional, and memorable. Perfectly designed to look great in all formats from small phone screens to large wide screen TVs.

Twitter Cover Photos

Designs with extra zing, created to make your Twitter profile really POP.  Display all your social links so people know where to find YOU.

Twitch Profile Banners

Eye catching crisp Twitch Profile Banners that look amazing to help you gain followers while you’re live streaming or offline.

Facebook Banners

Facebook Banners that live and breathe your brand.

A well designed Facebook Banner can make the difference between those all important ‘Likes’.

custom YT thumbnails and slides

YouTube Thumbnails & Slides

YouTube Thumbnails that are professionally designed, are more likely to be clicked on than those that aren’t.

Give yourself an edge over the competition.

Professionally designed slides for video to showcase sponsors or promotions.

custom web banners

Custom Web Banners

Custom Web Banners are perfect for promotional offers, special announcements, or anywhere on the web where you want to draw focus.

Stream Video Intros


Stunning Designs

Designs that will boost your online image and get you seen and admired around the web.

Pixel Perfect

Designs guaranteed to fit your social profiles perfectly! I make sure that your designs are optimised for where they are displayed.

Level Up your Profiles

Your online presence deserves the best! My designs are professional, memorable, and will improve your social marketability online.

Hear what they are saying

Don’t just take it from me, hear what some of my clients have to say!

"Everyone knows Artenesse creates first class professional graphics. What they don't know is her skills in pre-design brand creation. Her process is fully involving, systematically discovering the right shapes, colours, and overall feel for your branding, before magically creating it.

I always come back to her to create consistently high quality graphics all across my social media and websites."


The Gold Queen, The Gold Queen

“Working with Ness is amazing, She understands what you need and always delivers. Super high quality, fast and great service all in one.

I would recommend her to everyone who needs a graphic designer at any given moment.”


Pro Raider in Method and Twitch.TV Streamer, Netherlands

“I love working with Ness, not only is she quick to work and reply, but she’s also super kind and approachable.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. “

Sophia White (Djarii)

Twitch.TV Broadcaster & Artist

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Ness. She is ridiculously creative and has a way of knowing what YOU want, without you having to explain it to her. Ness expertly designed my social media banners to high satisfaction.

Besides her outstanding work and talent she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met online. If you are looking for someone to do graphic work of any sort, I would highly recommend using Ness.”
Christina F (Stina)

Twitch.TV Broadcaster

“Artenesse is a fantastic designer to work with, she has the innate ability to know exactly what is required and produce it quickly and at a very high standard.

The twitter cover she designed for me is perfect.”

Chris Chowen (Vorto)

Twitch TV Broadcaster, VortoLive

“Artenesse is a very talented designer who provides an excellent service to her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure they are happy, it was a pleasure working with her and I will be going to her for my graphics from now on!”

 – Jacob Crankshaw (Kwepp)
Jacob Crankshaw, Kwepp

“It is a pleasure working with Ness, I have been very happy with her work and communication regarding any tweaks/progress has been great and quickly actioned.

Would highly recommend. “

Scott McMillan (Sco)

Co Founder | Manager, Method Gaming Ltd

“It was great working with Ness, the quality of work is sublime and not only is it top quality, but she also delivers the work quickly and efficiently.

I would definitely recommend Ness to anyone who needed some graphic/art work done. Highly recommend”


Pro-Raider in Method and Twitch.TV Streamer, United Kingdom

“Ness has done some amazing work for my website and provided creative, high quality work. I would definitely recommend making use of her services as a graphic designer. “
Nicholas Duncan

MD, Code Cabin, Founder of MyScoop

“Ness designed my blog banner, and I was thrilled with the results. She listened to my ideas and captured them perfectly. Ness is professional, detail-oriented, and extremely easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact, I already have!. ”
Kristi Gaylord

Director of Social Media, Midtown Athletic Clubs

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