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Foiling Project

It involves a simple 3 step process.

  1. Create your design using any software of your choice. I used Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Print out your design using a laser printer. (It must be a laser printer, not inkjet).
  3. Place foil over your design, add a cover sheet and feed it through your laminator.

The result you see in the Tiktok video above is after sending it through my laminator 3 times

The first time, only a few dots of foil were transferred. I’m not sure if my laminator doesn’t heat up enough, or if this is just the way this technique works. I’m going to try a few different settings on my printer to see if that makes any difference at all. It is highly possible that my laminator needs replacing since I’ve had it for 10 years now. The overall result is a stippled effect, though, not what I was going for – but still interesting. I am going to enjoy experimenting with different approaches.

Materials I used for this project: (includes affiliate links)

A4 120gsm Coloured Paper (Black) – from Amazon

Brother DCP 9020 CDW colour laser printer (the current model is the DCP-L3550 CDW)

Deco foil from iCraft  – from Amazon