The Graphic Design Student Book of Templates

For those who are new to the world of graphic design, this book provides a variety of templates to help you start designing right away.

From basic grid templates for thumbnail logo sketches to 16:9 video storyboards and graphic novels you will find many uses for these templates.

The book includes 50 pages of 5mm square grid pages so you can create your own templates quickly and easily.

This book is a must-have for those looking to make their first steps in the world of graphic design, graphic design students, and even established graphic designers who forget where they saved their templates and who waste time recreating them.

  • Grid templates for small thumbnail sketches
  • Graphic novel & comic sized grids
  • the golden ratio in four layouts
  • 16:9 format grids for storyboarding sketches
  • 5mm square grid pages for custom templates

Created by a Graphic Designer, with Adhd, who got tired of drawing the same templates over and over again and hoped to help others avoid this issue 🙂

Happy sketching everyone!