Stepping into the basics of NFTs

I have entered the NFT space with my artwork.

I’ve spent too much time worrying about what people think when in actual fact, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve decided that I’m no longer afraid to share my work, even as it is developing, because ultimately, people are really only worried about themselves, and usually not someone else.

So I’ve taken two pieces I’ve created, both based in flat colour illustration styles and minted them to two different NFT marketplaces.

While the process can seem very confusing at first, ultimately, it boils down to:

  • Make Digital Art
  • Choose an NFT Marketplace (Solsea, Opensea or Voice)
  • Connect the appropriate wallet (each marketplace uses its own)
  • Add funds to the wallet in the appropriate CryptoCurrency 
  • Create a collection
  • Upload your work
  • Create the title, description etc of the work with the right tags
  • Mint your NFT and list it in the marketplace.


For my first digital art piece that I minted, I chose the Voice Marketplace as minting NFTs on there is free, you only pay a % of each sale, as fees. So there is no confusing wallet/crypto transfer process.

The piece is a digital depiction of seasonal changes in a flat colour, app illustration style. I’ve shown it here with a watermark (which doesn’t exist on the final file – so when bought, it does not have the white criss-cross lines or my Twitter handle on it).  You can view it on Voice and purchase if you like by using the button below.



This illustration of a friendly snowman, I minted on the Solsea marketplace. Using Solsea is a little more involved as you need a crypto wallet and some Solana crypto currency – and they do charge you a low fee to mint your NFT (its far lower than Opensea, so as a test run, it was my next best choice after Voice). 

It is currently available for 2 SOL, for a full commercial license, meaning the purchaser can freely use this image for business and commercial use. 

Its natural to be hesitant about starting out, and if you want to learn more about how NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and how the blockchain works, then I can recommend these books below. Alternatively you can look at this amazing series of videos created by Cryptoversity.

Good luck! Please drop me comment if you’ve tried it out and what your thoughts are.