Twitch Overlay for Sco from Method

twitch overlay

Project Description

I designed an updated stream overlay and buttons for Sco, the GM of Method.

It was a gentle rebrand of Scott’s twitch channel.  It included a new camera overlay section, with areas for use with his streaming software to display his latest followers and donations etc.

The camera stream overlay and rotating banner have already been implemented. You can see it here when he goes live. To see more of Method’s streamers, visit Methods’ stream page, where you can see everyone who is live at any given time.



Project Details

Client Scott McMillan

Date April 2015

Skills Branding, Graphic Design

View Twitch.TV/Sco

Animated Banner

Included with Scott’s stream overlay, was an animated gif pictured on the left. Animated banners are a great way to get several images across to the viewer, without taking up too much screen space. Each slide shows for ten seconds, so as not to be too distracting from the game play action.

The images below are a series of four depicting Sco’s increase in followers and are designed to be shown one at a time, as his follower (on twitch) total increases.

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