Rotating Banners for Twitch


Animated Gif - Nagura
Animated Gif Viklund
animated gif lexi

thanks for this btw <3 looks really cool


Mage, Method


Project Details

Client Method 

Date March 2015

Skills Graphic Design, Animation

Nagura Twitch, Lexi Twitch, Viklund Twitch




Project Description

I designed these for Lexi, Nagura and Viklund in Method, for their Twitch overlays.

Rotating banners are a great way of getting your contact info in front of your twitch tv viewers, without taking up too much screen space.

If you would like some graphics for your own Twitch Profile, such as banners, animated .gifs, profile images etc please contact me. I also design YouTube channel art, Facebook banners and just about any thing you need for digital or printed branding. Please get in touch.

Original male troll character design (in third banner) by Blizzard Entertainment.