Twitter Cover Image for Karolinaapop

Project Description

This twitter cover image was a fun project that I did in support of Convert To Raid’s Kickstarter that they had to raise funds for their Blizzcon Party for 2017. The most daunting thing about it, is that the lovely client, is the wife of a graphic designer, who works on Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch team. *GULP* Extra motivation to treat the art assets with as much care and respect as possible.

The image itself is a composite image of official Blizzard entertainment art assets (Ganymede, the bird,) in-game assets (Bastion’s arm & second Ganymede), and a stock image of a forest, I merely provided the design wizardry to bring everything together.

The image was inspired by ‘The Last Bastion‘, the wonderful animated short that Blizzard produced. The twitter cover image’s purpose is to be seen by the viewers eye which naturally moves from left to right – showing Ganymede in two phases, firstly perched on Bastion’s finger, and then as the eye moves right, he’s tapping on the glass of the viewer, a way to trigger the memory of the animated short in the mind of the viewer, but in a 2 dimensional format (such as a twitter cover image).

Original character design by Blizzard Entertainment.

Project Details

Client Karolinaapop

Date August 2017

Skills Graphic Design, Image Manipulation

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